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GetBeezy, LLC is a developer of web sites and applications that deliver location-based services. is a private site for users to share experiences, photos and word-of-mouth recommendations.

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GetBeezy Projects for Everyone

FindMeSpecials: Find great food, drink and leisure specials going on in over 90 US cities.

FindMeSpecials iPhone App: Find great specials near you instantly.

FindMeEvents: Find great nearby music, nightlife and sports events going on now throughout the US.

(We are creative geniuses with our domain names, aren't we?)

GetBeezy Projects for Business

PromoterBee: Maintain an updated online calendar of events and specials and seamlessly promote this calendar on Facebook, Twitter, Your Biz Website...and, of course, on FindMeSpecials and FindMeEvents. There's even more cool stuff, but you gotta go here it you want it.

GetBeezy for Developers

Integrate over 25,000 Specials and Events in 90 US cities into your site instantly. Learn More about our API and Partnerships...